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Do-it-yourself marketing for the small business owner or solopreneur who wants to do all their own marketing, but don't know where to start. Let Smarketing guide your way.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • There’s no time to work on marketing.
  • The budget is stretched so thin, I’m not sure there’s any to give to marketing.
  • Goals are identified, but I’m not sure where to start or how to reach them.
  • Our business’ blog is not consistent, and nobody has time to write.
  • I have no idea how to even get started.
  • I know there’s something off about our website, but I’m not sure where to start.
  • The website doesn’t get the results I want for the business.
  • Our business wants and needs more leads, but we're unsure of next steps.
  • I do have some time between myself or my team to do some marketing, but need some help with planning, strategy, or just staying on-track.
  • Our business needs printable graphic materials, but we are unable to hire an in-house graphic designer.
  • I’d love to just bounce ideas off of someone; get some feedback or direction when I need it.

why sign up?

You'll have more time to spend on the stuff you love to do versus what you have to do.

Everything is specially crafted to help you work smarter, not harder for your business.

You'll receive insider tips and breaking news to help you improve your website.

The website checkup provides you with deeper clues into why something isn't working.

You'll be able to fit comfortably within the subscription's email flow—designed to keep you moving.

We know you want more revenue for your business. Let us help you get there and beyond.

How It Works


We get to know each other a bit.

We'll begin with a kick-off meeting to get to know each other better, to learn about your business and your goals. This will allow us to customize your Smarketing subscription to your specific industry and business.


We customize your plan and begin creating.

Whether you've chosen the subscription or purchased an à la carte item—we dive into crafting the materials, templates, or schedules to help support your goals and overall strategy. You'll start getting emails with action items.

We also dig in to your website to uncover any improvements that could be made to resolve pain points such as not getting leads or not showing up in search results.


We send you Smarketing action items monthly.

Every month you'll get emails that include action items, tools, materials, schedules, news, tips, ideas, and advice as well as access to experienced marketing professionals, our workshops and webinars.

Now you can beat the competition, activate your marketing in new ways, and crush your goals! We are confident that our on-going relationship will bring you lots of happiness and success.

The Smarketing Services Subscription

Whether you’re starting out or are looking for an “arm” to pair well with your already stellar marketing team—the subscription is designed to guide you through the marketing process from start to ongoing (your marketing is never truly "finished"). We'll gradually take you through everything, working at your pace. After six months to a year your marketing should be on auto-pilot.

To get started, sign up for the subscription or add some amazing à la carte items before checkout.

What's Included:

Only $49

The subscription goes for one year.
One-time Fee of $49 | Cancel Anytime | FAQs

 Still not sure? Get more details about each of the items included in our packages.
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Nicole and her team have been great. They quickly understood my needs during our initial meeting. We were able to formulate a great game plan that also had the flexibility for future additional work. Their communication has been fantastic--it's like having their team on-call.

— Anthony S.

Great experience working with the whole team! Super professional and organized: They keep you on track and talk you through the whole process: And, of course, they produce beautiful websites! Nicole really knows how to run her business--a real professional!

— Michael S.

What impressed me most about Nicole was the care she took in understanding the goals of my blog. She recommended some creative marketing and revenue generating ideas I never considered before. As an added plus, she now hosts my blog, so she is truly a one stop shop for all your WordPress needs.

— Melissa Lin

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