If You’re Going to Reuse Old Content—Please UPDATE IT!

Google’s John Mueller recently said on Twitter, that relabeling old content as new [without any updates or changes] is bad for SEO. Furthermore, he went onto say that it is bad for users because it causes some frustration when they find out it’s not new, almost like it’s disrespectful. And, obviously, in the Game of Google Thrones—we can’t win by reposting the same stuff.

Who knew you could be disrespectful just by re-purposing your old content? Well, our advice here is to just make sure it’s updated or slightly different.

Neil Patel says that old content is more valuable than old content. Updating it makes it even more valuable because so many more people are going to be seeing it as time rolls on and your content gets indexed. Check out Neil’s tips for bringing old posts back to life.

Yoast SEO has some thoughts on this, too. Sometimes when things on your website become out of date or irrelevant—it’s time to do something.

  • update old content that is still valid
  • delete irrelevant posts or pages
  • 301 redirect an old post to a related one
  • tell search engines the content is intentionally gone

There is more from Yoast on updating old content on their website.

Finally, if you’re not sure of the next steps or how to approach this—please reach out we’d love to hear more about it.

Good luck, and happy re-posting!


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