GDPR Google Analytics Advice

So remember GDPRgeddon that swept across the website multiverse? Well today, we’re attempting to cut through all the noise and send you a quick update to keep you informed.

We have seen a decrease in traffic on some sites since all of the regulations went into effect, here’s some insight into what might be happening:

When someone doesn’t accept your website’s cookies, they may be opting out of Google Analytics tracking any of the data. This was apparent on our own website when we saw our traffic stats plummet. So, we phoned a lawyer friend/client who did a bunch of research and concluded that if Google Analytics is the only cookie, you don’t need the “accept” cookie module/popup, you only to put it in your Privacy Policy. Our stats came back up!

ps. With all this talk about cookies—we’re getting hungry, are you?

If you’re wondering what a website cookie actually is, here’s a great animation from The Guardian:

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